Pristine Pool Maintenance

Why Us?

What makes us different?

We at Pristine Pools love to highlight the details that set us apart from the competition…

Owner on-site presence

The person you meet with to design the vision of your pool is the one who will be on site executing that very vision. We do not use a separate salesperson or construction sub-contractors; everyone working on your pool construction project is a member of the Pristine Pools Team.

General Contractor Collaboration

We will work directly with your landscaper, electrical and natural gas technician or any other contractors for scheduling and job-task coordination.

Over 90% of your pool is locally manufactured and Canadian-made goods

We use only the highest quality products, manufactured by companies who stand behind their work. The products we include support the local economy and are designed with our climate in mind.

We use a 2-step Concrete base

Our concrete work is a key illustration of when we go above and beyond the call of a standard installation in order to provide a finished product that will bring you together with friends and family for many years to come.

The rough coat (pea stone base) is a heavy slump mix that is applied generously to the excavation to give the pool shape strength and rigidity, as well as protect the finish coat from the effects of ground water.

The finish coat is a soft aggregate base (vermiculite) that provides a smooth surface to evenly support the liner. It is batch mixed on site and applied with the utmost care.

A full tutorial on all areas of maintenance and care for your pool is included

We will show you how each component of your circulation equipment works, how to maintain proper water chemistry and how to keep your pool in Pristine swimming condition.

First year’s winterization is included

We provide our pool closing services in the first year as part of your installation. We ensure your pool is professionally and correctly winterized as part of our commitment to you.

We include a 2 year limited warranty

We hope the above-noted highlights are of benefit to you.
Thank you very much for your consideration.