Pristine Pool Maintenance

Process Pool Installation


Construction – 48 hours prior to construction beginning the pool outline is painted based on the final design proposal. This allows you to clearly see exactly where the pool edges will lie and gives a final opportunity to make adjustments to the design or pool placement.

Excavation and Steel Structure Assembly

We break ground and begin your backyard transformation. The site is excavated according to the approved dimensions. It is at this point we get our first look at soil and groundwater conditions. In rare cases dry wells and specialized construction techniques are needed in order to move forward. This work is additional and is reported and quoted swiftly. If the excavation is dry and holds form the steel structure is assembled and levelled. Whenever possible the fill is moved off site via conveyors to minimize damage to the access route.

Cement Footings - Steel Structure

The steel structure is double and triple checked for level and square. When we know the walls are perfect we pour a concrete collar at the base of the panels and A-frames to add strength and rigidity.

Peastone Shell

After a final shaping the peastone concrete base is poured on the slopes and floors. It’s a strong, thick coat that protects the finish coat from groundwater.

Plumbing and Backfill

Each suction and return line is plumbed in with the utmost care using Canadian made pipe. A very particular brand and model of hose clamp and insert fittings is used on all connections. All connections are torqued to manufacturer’s specifications and each line is pressure tested to 50PSI, well above normal operating pressure. Finally all lines are wrapped to prevent abrasion against the structure or backfill. Drainage pipe is laid around the pool to prevent impeding the natural flow or groundwater. Finally the area around the structure is backfilled with ¾ clear stone which is self compacting and provides excellent drainage.

Ready for patio installation

The pool is ready for patio. Your patio contractor or our concrete finishing team will install the agreed upon patio in the dimensions and shape from your pool paint out.

Finish Coat and Liner Installation

A blend of Portland cement and formulated vermiculite is meticulously applied to the floor and slopes to give the liner ultra smooth and even support. On the next day all surfaces of the pool are scraped, scrubbed, brushed and vacuumed prior to the liner going in. The vinyl is handled with the utmost care, perfectly aligned and finessed into place. We guarantee the fit is perfect before we fill the pool!