Pristine Pool Maintenance

Fibreglass Pool Installation


48 hours prior to construction beginning the pool outline is painted based on the final design proposal. This allows you to clearly see exactly where the pool edges will lie and gives a final opportunity to make adjustments to the design or pool placement.


We break ground and begin your backyard transformation. The site is excavated according to the approved dimensions. It is at this point we get our first look at soil and groundwater conditions. The Dry well/Sump kits location will be planned out. If necessary, due to limited or tight site access, the fill is moved off site via conveyors.

Stone Bed

A very precise chip stone bed foundation is constructed to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure perfect level.

The Shell

Your fibreglass pool shell arrives to the site on a specialized trailer pulled by a fifth wheel experienced delivery driver straight from these Manufacturers:



The Crane

A size-determined Crane or Crane Truck is brought in and the experienced operator carefully and meticulously attaches the support straps to the anchor points on the pool shell and lifts it into place on the sand bed.


The shell is shifted and adjusted by hand into the exact place where it is perfectly level. Having the pool properly level is monumentally important to ensure that the entire pool runs properly and safely.


Each suction and return line is plumbed in with the utmost care using Canadian made pipe. A very particular brand and model of hose clamp and insert fittings is used on all connections. All connections are torqued to manufacturer's specifications and each line is pressure tested to 50PSI, well above normal operating pressure. Finally all lines are wrapped to prevent abrasion against the structure or backfill. Drainage pipe is laid around the pool to prevent impeding the natural flow or groundwater.

Water and Backfill

Finally the pool shell is filled with clean, municipally trucked in water while the area around the structure is simultaneously backfilled with ¾ clear stone which is self compacting and provides excellent drainage. This process is essential to be completed at the same time in order for there to be equal pressure from the interior and exterior of the pool shell for support.


The entire circulation system is connected and tested on the poured concrete pad. The system is labeled for ease of inspection and homeowner useage.

Ready for patio installation

The pool is ready for patio. Your patio contractor or our concrete finishing team will install the agreed upon patio in the dimension and shape from your pool paint out. 


Cleanup and Tutorial 

Once we've completely cleaned up the pool after it's started up, you are provided a full and comprehensive tutorial on how the pool works and use of the equipment and features.